Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Do you think you're just one HOT couple?
These couple shirts show exactly how hot you both are!

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Do you and your partner just looove to eat?
Show the world the things you have in common!
These couple shirts are the perfect anniversary gift ideas

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Prinsesa - Alalay
(Princess- Servant)
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Let's face it, girls just love to be pampered. 
Treat her like a princess by giving her a shirt that says exactly so!
Prinsesa - Alalay couple shirts to make her smile.

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Oo Na / Yes
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Reminisce the time when she finally said the magic words!
What better time to give this than on your anniversary? 
These anniversary gift ideas just doesn't get any better.

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(Isang Palaso Ka Lang)
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Be your own cupid with these couple shirts!
Show him how you hit the target (that's his heart)
with this amazing anniversary gift ideas

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Help! I'm Drowning in your Love
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Have a laugh with these funny yet adorable shirts!

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Broke - Spoiled
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Love to spoil your girlfriend? 
Or do you love to get your boyfriend broke.. occasionally? :)
Wear these couple tee shirts for fun!
These are the perfect anniversary gift ideas and they're funny shirts too!

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Photographer - Model
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Are you a budding photographer? 
Is your girlfriend a gorgeous model? 
Even if you don't have a photographer boyfriend,
or if your don't have a model girlfriend,
you can still get these tee shirts, just buy one! 
But all the better if you get two right? 
Anniversary gift ideas that your partner will surely love. 

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Nurse - Patient
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Couple shirts can be funny shirts too!
Give your loved one a good laugh with these anniversary gift ideas!

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The Call
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Far away from your loved one?
Having a long distance relationship? 
Make him/ her feel just how much you miss him!
These anniversary gift ideas, or even monthsary gift ideas will make your partner feel loved. 
Gifts for boyfriend? Gifts for girlfriend?
This The Call Couple Tee Shirts are just what you need.

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Show your boyfriend / girlfriend just how meant to be you are!
These must - have anniversary gift ideas will make him / her
fall in love with you even more.
Make him your soulmate with these soul-mate shirts!

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